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Books and Articles

Attuning to the Flow of Relational Energies in Sandplay: Healing Complex Trauma in Adults. (2017). B. Turner, Ed. The Routledge International Handbook of Sandplay Therapy (Routledge International Handbooks). London: Routledge.

Book Review: The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body inthe Healing of Trauma, by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk, MD., 2015.

Sonu Shamdasani on Jung's Practice of the Image: A Lived Through Symbolic Experience. Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 23, Number 2, 2014.

Sandplay and the Clinical Relationship. Sempervirens Press. April, 2013.

Countertransference in Sandplay: The Heart and the Mind of a Loving, Attuned Other. Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume XX, Number 1, 2011.

But Is It KalffianJournal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume XVI, Number 2, 2007.

"Resistance” in Sandplay: Inherent Qualities of Presymbolic Relational Fields. Journal of Sandplay Therapy,  Volume XV, Number 1, 2006.

Relational Sandplay Therapy. Mustard Seed Press, 2005.

Relational Fields in Sandplay Therapy.  Journal of Sandplay Therapy.   Volume XIII, Number 1, 2004.

Countertransference in Sandplay: A Symbolic/ Clinical Approach. Dissertation, California Institute of Integral Studies, 2003.

 Einsatz des Selbst durch den Sandspiel-Therapeuten: Participation Mystique and Projektive Identification. Zeitschrift Fur Sandspiel Therapie. Heft 9 Marz, 2000. (German publication of 1997 article.)

The Oriental Carpet:  The Interweaving of Participation Mystique and Projective Identification.  Journal of Sandplay Therapy.   Volume VIII, Number 1, 1999.

 The Therapist’s Use of Self in Sandplay:  Participation Mystique and Projective Identification. Journal of Sandplay Therapy.  Volume VI, Number 2, 1997.


Past Presentations

The Celtic Goddess and the Green Man: The “Greening” of the Human Heart in Sand Play Therapy. 2018 STA National Conference. Albuquerque, NM. November 8-11, 2018. 

Relational Energies in Sandplay: Healing Trauma in the Free and Protected Space. L.A. Jung Institute Sandplay Training Program. Los Angeles, California, 2017.

Healing Developmental Trauma in Sandplay: The Power of Attunement in the Relational Field. Hawaii Sandplay therapists Association. Honolulu, HI, 2017.

At Play in the Relational Field: Complexes, Developmental Trauma and Integration in Sandplay Therapy. 2016 STA National Conference. Chicago, IL. June 2-5, 2016.

A Sandplay Story: Symbol and Reverie in the Relational Unconscious. 2014 STA National Conference, Seattle Washington, June 5-8, 2014.

Kwan Yin as a Symbol of Holding in Sandplay: Seeing, Hearing, Touching, and Reflecting the Silent Cry. MTSG Regional Conference Keynote, September 2014.

Relational Energies in Sandplay: The Relational Self and the Free and Protected Space. MTSG Regional Conference, September 2014.

"Relational Fields in Sandplay." Northern California Regional Sandplay Society Training. September, October 2013.

“Healing Primitive Anxiety Through the Symbol of the Mask in Sandplay.” The Mask: The Play of Hiding or Revealing in a Changing World. 22nd Congress of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy. Venice, Italy. August, 2013.

“Relational Energies of the Self: Divine Patterns in Sandplay.” Returning to the Self in Sandplay. Sandplay Therapists of America National Conference, Berkeley, CA, June 2012.                                            

“Working in the Body of the Mother: Qualities of Holding in Sandplay’s Free and Protected Space.” Sandplay Therapy: Spanning the Great Divide. Sandplay Therapists of America National Conference, Boulder, CO, June 2010. 

"Working in the Body of the Mother." Colorado Sandplay Therapy Association, Denver, CO, September 2009. Invited presentation.

"Working in the Body of the Mother." Canada Association of Sandplay Therapists. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. June 2009.

“Embracing the Unbearable in Sandplay.” Sandplay Therapists of America, 2008 National Conference. Savannah, GA, June, 2008.

An Initial Dream Summons Archetypal Energies,” and “Sandplay: The Waking Dream.” International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) Conference, Sonoma State University, June 2007. 

“Sandplay and the Self.” Co-presenter. September 30, 2006. Carmel, California. 

Finding the Riches: Relational Fields in Sandplay Therapy.” California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Annual Conference, May 2006. 

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